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Seulpeun yeonga (mini)

Aka: Sad Love Song (World-wide)
Sad Love Story (World-wide)
Director: Cheol-yong Yu
Year: 2005
Country: South Korea
Genre: Drama

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Hye-In was blind when she was born, Jun-Young's mother work in night clubs and make Jun-Young being laughed by friends. Once Jun-Young and Hye-In walked together, Hye-In gave Jun-Young a sliver card badge with her name "Hye-In". Hye-In's aunt, Audrey, took Jun-Young's mother(all cash) and bring Hye-In and left Jun-Young. Jun-Young (Sang-Woo Kwone) grew up, with mother died, father re-married. the remarried mother took all Jun-Young's money away, and Jun-Young has to work in construction sites to earn money for his college studies. He met Lee Gun-Woo (Yeon Jeong-Hoon, originally Song Seung-Heun) and Gun-Woo also met Hye-In in the street in USA, just outside Harvord University. Gun-Woo buy Hye-In new dress, and gave Hye-In money so Hye-In could see again. Hye-In open her eyes, saw Gun-Woo, she didn't know that Jun-Young is still alive, and began to love Gun-Woo. Gun-Woo told Jun-Young to meet his new girl. Jun-Young saw Hye-In, lost control. Hwa-Jung, the cheerleader of Jun-Young's class, only loves Jun-Young. But Jun-Young doesn't love Hwa-Jung. Hwa-Jung even return Hye-In's USA letters to Hye-In, make Hye-In commit suicide. Audrey met Willie, the USA sailor, but he was mad, and crazy, drunk easily and even horny. He even rape Hye-In. Jun-Young saved Hye-In from some bad guys when Hye-In was captured on a street (waiting Jun-Young) with her teddy bear. Jun-Young finally played the "sad Sonata" to make Hye-In to recognize himself. Gun-Woo was angry that Jun-Young and Hye-In are known before and even love together. Jun-Young ask Gun-Woo to hit himself, but Gun-Woo force both Hye-In and Jun-Young to leave away from himself as far as they could go. Gun-Woo inherit father's business and offended a Korean company boss. the boss sent a killer to plan to kill Gun-Woo but finally Joon-Young took that bullet up. Gun-Woo ask friend to send Joon-Young to hospital. Doctor said Joon-Young had his kidneys destroyed and must have immediate operation to save life. But Joon-Young refused and died in HyeIn's concert. 14 years later, HyeIn found her son able to play guitar like his father, Joon-Young. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Seung-ho Yoo [12] young Seo Joon-young (TV Episode: 1.1) (2005)

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