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Massa Fresca (TV series)

Director: Miguel Guerreiro, Rodrigo Duvens Pinto, Hugo de Sousa ... more
Year: 2016
Country: Portugal
Runtime: 40 minutes
Genre: Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Music / Romance

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Maria Miguel is a young 21 year old year girl who lost her mother 3 years before the story is set. Before her mother was diagnosed with cancer, Maria wanted to finish her studies so she could travel to London to study singing, but the money she saved was spent on the treatments for her mother. When the story begins, we see that Maria is living with a 70 years old woman whom she calls grandmother although she's not really her grandmother. Maria works in a pizzeria and one day, while making a pizza delivery, she has a car acciden while trying to avoid a car from running over 2 teenagers. The accident leaves her with some wounds and the teens' parentes, who are very grateful to Maria, take her in their home to help her recover. Maria enjoos her Stacy and gets to know more about the family of the teens she saves. Life is going great for Maria until the teens' parents decide to have a honeymoon and die in a car accident. Now, Maria must tale care of the teenagers with the help of their uncle, who is in love with Maria, their aunt, who is only interested on having the family's money, and two house-maids. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Martim Barbeiro [15]

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