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Destinos Cruzados (TV series)

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2013 January, 27
Comedy / Drama / Romance
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Laura and Sílvia look alike on the outside, but they're very different from each other. Laura is rich, succesful, cruel and intends to steal money from her family and run away with her lover, Eduardo, which is her daughter's fiancé. However, things go wrong and she can't get the money. Eduardo ends things with her and decides to marry Laura's daughter. Revengeful, Laura tries to kill him on the day of the marriage and runs away. Everybody get shocked with what she tried to do.In the meantime, Sílvia is working at a gas station. She's poor, humble and sweet.Laura stops by to fill the car's tank and they meet. They're shocked when they notice that their faces look exactly the same.They don't realize that a group of theifs is trying to get money from an ATM. They explode the area and the two women faint and get hurt. Laura wakes up before Sílvia and manages to go away. But Sílvia looses her memory and is taken to the hospital, where everybody think that she is actually Laura. Sílvia's daughter finds Laura and takes her home, thinking that she's her real mother. - IMDb

De Mulher para Mulher  

Children's Cast:

Martim Barbeiro [12] João Pedro Soromenho
Beatriz Monteiro [14] Madalena

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