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Hotel (TV series 1983-1988)

Also known as: Hôtel (France)
Director: Bruce Bilson, Jerome Courtland, Nancy Malone ... more
Release: 21 Sep 1983
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Drama / Romance

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The elegant St. Gregory Hotel in San Francisco is the setting for a string of distinct plots, usually romantic, often involving famous guest stars for an episode or two. Victoria Cabot runs the hotel for absent owner Laura Trent (Bette Davis, seen only in the opening episode), until Cabot dies halfway through the series, when manager Peter McDermott takes over and makes Christine the new manager. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

River Phoenix [14] Kevin (TV Episode: Transitions) (1984)
Brandon Call [8] Timmie Harding (TV Episode: Intimate Strangers) (1984)
Jeremy Licht [12] Cat Locatelli (TV Episode: Deceptions) (1983)
Chad Allen [11] Bobby Cowley (TV Episode: Sleeping Dogs) (1985)
Bridgette Andersen [10] Lindsay Pomeroy (TV Episode: Lost and Found) (1985)
Danny Nucci [17] Evan (TV Episode: Wins and Losses) (1985)
Justin Gocke [9] Jason Garfield (TV Episode: Prized Possessions) (1987)
Danielle Brisebois [15] Darcy Chapman (TV Episode: Reflections) (1984)
Emily Schulman [8] Debbie (TV Episode: New Beginnings) (1985)
Scott Grimes [14] Josh Gilmour (TV Episode: Detours) (1985)
Mackenzie Astin [12] Ben Putnam / Josh Erikson (TV Episode: New Beginnings) (1985)
Melissa Francis [13] Jodi Abbott (TV Episode: Rallying Cry) (1985)
Joshua Horowitz [7] Mikey (TV Episode: Encores) (1984)
Brian Davis Teengage Boy (TV Episode: Undercurrents) (1986)

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