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Engelbones (United Kingdom)

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2012 May, 10
United Kingdom
10 minutes
Short / Drama
Production Company:

This film is an exploration of wartime atrocities through the eyes of children who are unaware of the truth behind a seemingly warm, kind man. The specific inspiration behind the film is rooted in the wartime activities of the infamous Nazi physician Josef Mengele, known as the 'Angel of Death' or 'Todesengel'. Mengele worked at Auschwitz, ostensibly as a doctor, where he would gain the trust of the inmates, particularly the children, before subjecting them to horrific medical experimentation, usually resulting in their sterilization and/or death. The film explores this unique and chilling relationship, based in a trust that was betrayed in the worst possible way. - IMDb

Engelbones United Kingdom

Children's Cast:

Oscar Francisco Boy