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The Lottery

Director: Madison Butts, Anna Hanstrom
Release: 27 May 2015
Country: USA
Runtime: 9 minutes
Genre: Short / Drama

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The story takes place in the past - around the 30's and 40's - in a town that revolves around a violent tradition that came about many years ago. We start out focused on one family - the Hutchinson's - which includes Bill, Tessie, Nancy, and Davy. We see them as they move throughout their morning routine until it is time for the Lottery to start. We then transfer over to a viewpoint of the whole community. While we are still focused on the Hutchinson family, the people in the neighborhood start to share their stories alongside them. Eventually, the ritual begins with Mr. Summers calling out each man in each family in the community until every man of the family has a little slip in their hand. When opened, the man with the black dot is sent up to the platform with his family to draw to see who will be chosen for the tradition to be enacted upon. Finally, when this person is chosen, we watch and hear a brutal end to one person's life for the sake of the entire community and the tradition they so greatly believe in. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Spencer Mabrey Townsperson

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