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Director: Waley Wang, Waley Wang
Year: 2015
Country: USA
Runtime: 10 minutes
Genre: Short / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / History / Thriller

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'Coquette' is a tragicomedy drama about a family that discovers a mysterious orphan who can miraculously heal and exploits her to violent and tragic results in their small town. A bleak and fun short film trying to bring a little more surrealism into the world. It is an experimental mishmash of Peter Greenaway, Béla Tarr, Stanley Kubrick, and Roberto Gavaldòn's 'Macario' attempted, with much love and endeavored poetry, in 10 minutes. The bleak and anachronistic setting of the narrative film is placed entirely in a cluttered warehouse, featuring minimalist and deconstructed sets aiming to evoke a metatheatrical portrayal for your enjoyment. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Athena Stuebe Coquette

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