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Beggars and Choosers (TV series 1999-2001)

Also known as: TV business (France)
Director: Stuart Margolin, Charles Winkler, Fred Gerber ... more
Release: 19 Jun 1999
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Comedy

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A look behind the scenes of network television. Rob Malone is the president of LGT, a television network fighting for ratings, and usually losing. Taking up the battle with Malone are Lori Volpone and casting executive, Malcolm Laffley. Each episode takes a look into how a network runs - how the executives deal with the stars, how they make big budget deals while trying to keep the network financially stable. Malone has too much on his hands, the owner of the company drifts in and out of a coma, the casting exec. is being accused of sexual harassment, and the VP in charge of development is doing everything she can, no matter how evil, to move up in the ranks. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Joel Palmer [13] Henry (TV Episode: The Mountainmen: Part 1) (1999)

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