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Eight Is Enough (TV series)

Eight Is Enough (USA)

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1977 March, 15
60 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Family
Production Company:


The sometimes-comic, sometimes-dramatic exploits of the Bradford family--father Tom (a columnist for a Sacramento newspaper), mother Joan and their eight children: Mary, David, Joanie, Nancy, Elizabeth, Susan, Tommy and Nicholas. After Joan's death, Tom met teacher Abby, and they were married to make the family feel complete again. The kids all had friends and relationships as well, turning the Bradford Bunch into a free-for-all of loved ones and family members. - IMDb

Con ocho basta Spain
Con ocho basta Mexico
Eight Is Enough Sweden
Eight Is Enough Singapore
Eight Is Enough USA
Eight Is Enough South Africa
Eight Is Enough Australia
Eight Is Enough Canada
Eight Is Enough Canada
Eight Is Enough West Germany
Eight Is Enough Ecuador
Eight Is Enough United Kingdom
Eight Is Enough Japan
Eight Is Enough Philippines
La famiglia Bradford Italy
Huit, ça suffit France
Ocho son suficiente Peru
Ocho son suficientes Venezuela
Oito é Demais Brazil
Otto bastano Italy
Sekiz Çocuklu Aile Turkey
Ta okto paidia mou (transliterated title) Greece
Восьми достаточно Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Noah Hathaway [9] Jerry (TV Episode: And Baby Makes Nine: Part 1) (1980)
A. Michael Baldwin [14] Jason / Richie (TV Episode: Women, Ducks and the Domino Theory) (1977)
Meeno Peluce [8] (TV Episode: Who's on First?) (1978)
Keith Coogan [9] Vincent / Bobby (TV Episode: The Kid Who Came to Dinner) (1979)
Corey Feldman [7] (TV Episode: Cops and Toddlers) (1978)
Ike Eisenmann [16] (TV Episode: The Boyfriend) (1978)
Michelle Stacy [10] Lucy (TV Episode: Alone at Last) (1978)
Tracey Gold [10] Tracey Kappleton (TV Episode: Best of Friends) (1979)
Anthony Battaglia Julian (TV Episode: Pieces of Eight) (1977)
John Louie [10] Melvin (TV Episode: The Maltese Airline Bag) (1980)
Eric Olson [16] (TV Episode: A Hair of the Dog) (1978)
Maggie Munro [10] Girl / Student / Young Girl / ... (TV Episode: The Best Little Telethon in Sacramento) (1978)
Tracie Savage [16] Student
David Hollander [9] (TV Episode: Great Expectations) (1978)
K.C. Martel [12] Marvin (TV Episode: Welcome to Memorial Dr. Bradford) (1979)
Elizabeth Hoy Corrine (TV Episode: Memories) (1980)
Andrew Freeman [10] Ralph (TV Episode: Jeremy) (1980)
Sparky Marcus [10] (TV Episode: Double Trouble) (1977)
Vidal Peterson [12] Harry (TV Episode: The Maltese Airline Bag) (1980)
J.R. Miller Maloney (TV Episode: All's Fair in Love and War) (1977)
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