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Puppy Patrol (TV series)

Aka: Ein Fall für Mark und Tessa (Germany)
Director: Annemarie Mooren
Year: 2008
Country: Netherlands
Runtime: 25 minutes
Genre: Adventure / Family

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Is something wrong with the dogs in their parent's kennel? Mark (12) and Tessa (10) jump into action! Together with their sister Sara (5), and the super clever dog Max, they create the Puppy Patrol. On occasion, even mum and dad lend a helping hand. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Sonia Eijken Vlinder (TV Episode: Zwerver) (2018)
Tom Hortensius Mark Bouwman
Maud van Haasteren Tessa Bouwman
Hanna Mooren Sarah Bouwman
Sem van der Weide Jesse
Luuk van der Weide Niels
Myrthe Hellendoorn Emma
Sam Lourier Lena
Bauke van Boheemen Lucas (TV Episode: Zwerver) (2018)
Roan Pronk [17] Jort (TV Episode: Zwerver) (2018)
Jesse Walonker Bikkel (TV Episode: Zwerver) (2018)

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