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Historias de fútbol

Aka: Soccer Stories (USA: DVD box title)
Director: Andrés Wood
Year: 1997
Country: Chile
Runtime: 87 minutes
Genre: Drama / Sport

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Three stories about football, one of the most important twentieth-century rituals. A third division player from Santiago de Chile is bribed, but does not realise that his behaviour betrays more than the loyalty of his team-mates. A boy from Calama, Chile wins the local derby pichanga, a soccer match that can last all afternoon, but he loses the few pesos he acquired by pawning his mother's last possessions. Francisco, a boy from the city, is stuck in a remote corner of the southern island of Chiloé on the day that Chile has to play its qualifying match for the World Cup. The only TV is in the house of the Serón sisters. While the local male population gathers to watch the match, the sisters decide which of them will initiate the young Francisco into love. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Héctor Avendaño Fernando
Epifanio Carle Relator de futbol
Hector Illanes Delantero
Hernán Quintanilla Viejo de la tienda de empeño

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