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Front v tylu vraga

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1982 May, 1
Soviet Union
161 minutes
Drama / War
Production Company:

Front v tylu vraga (1981) is the final episode in the trilogy about the Russian partisan's resistance during WWII. The film is set in 1944, when Russian partisans are making progress in their fighting against the Nazi occupation of Russia, Poland and Czechozlovakia. Lt. Colonel Mlynsky is now in charge of an international clandestine operation. He is the commander of the special group of partisan-fighters. Mlynsky is organizing the Russian, Polish and Czechoslovakian partisans to join foces for an attack behind the enemy lines. - IMDb

По мотивам документального романа С.К. Цвигуна «Мы вернемся». Третий фильм трилогии ("Фронт без флангов", "Фронт за линией фронта") продолжает рассказ о боевых действиях отряда особого назначения в тылу врага.

Front in the Rear of the Enemy  
Im Rücken des Feindes West Germany
The Rear Front  
V týlu neprítele (Czech title) Czechoslovakia
Фронт в тылу врага (Russian title) Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Dita Kaplanová [17]

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