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Izpiti po nikoe vreme

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1974 April, 5
80 minutes
Production Company:

Two novels united by common characters and a never-settled problem: the clash between sincerity of children and the heartless pragmatism and ambitions of grown-ups. The film consists of two novellas. The firs novella 'Temptation' is about honesty. The filmmakers feel certain that this is inborn trait of any child, but it depends on adults whether it is preserved or dies away. A five-year-old boy finds a purse full of money. He and his friends are now faced with the choice of using it to buy their favorite sweets or trying to find the owner. Honestly prevails, but their fat neighbor Ivanova, the purse's owner, found by children after their violent inner struggle, cannot appreciate their gesture and kicks up a row over the two leva (one dollar) that have been spent on cakes. In the second novella 'Violin Concerto' two boys mount an ingenious defend against the far-fetched ambitions of their parents: a kid, unwilling to become a musician, is forced to play by his ambitious mother. Children, however, are smart, inventive and do not give up readily. Another one attends violin lessons on place of the first who prefers to paint, but whose mother does not realize where his talent really lies. The deception is eventually discovered. The little culprits are punished, but they have gained a genuine friendship. - IMDb

Ah! Aftes oi exetaseis! (transliterated title) Greece
Exams at Any Odd Time  
Unverhoffte Prüfungen East Germany
Изпити по никое време Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

Dimitar Ganev [6] Slavcho
Voycheh Todorov [11] Mitko
Nikolay Teoharov
Ognian Zheliazkov
Mihail Lazarow Mitko 2