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Voynata na taralezhite

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1979 November, 26
99 minutes
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'The Hedgehogs' are a group of youngsters who are trying to gain control of the empty space between the blocks of flats, which they want to convert into a basketball court. The resistance of the neighbors is soon overcome and the court is laid down. Training courses in basketball for kids are set up. The ambitious coach is selecting only those of the boys who are able to carry out his most absurd orders. Two of them happen to be late, so he immediately fires them from the team. Thus the 'hedgehogs' war' against the indifference of the adult breaks out. The boys do not give up readily. They win the war through inventiveness, wit and with the help of the 'good guys' among the adults. But presently a rude pushy neighbor, who has no other concern but the safety of his expensive Ford car, returns from abroad. He wants to build a garage for his beloved car on the place taken up by the basketball court. A garage or a playground - this argument arises from the long-standing conflict between the pragmatic and artistic human spirits, between the lack-lustre world of philistine and the carefree world of the child. While the truck is unloading bricks and sand onto the court, the children are complaining (with some justice) to various administrative bodies. Eventually the hedgehogs lose the battle, but not the war. They are given another playground, but what is more, in their conflict with the adults they have acquired some of their ways, and learned how to load the dice. - IMDb

Маляка мечтает записаться в баскетбольную команду, где уже играют несколько его одноклассников: Камен, Пантата, Сашо. Однако вскоре тренер Пангаров с позором выгоняет Маляку и некоторых других ребят. И тогда ребята решают построить свою баскетбольную площадку. Но дело это не такое простое. Чтобы построить площадку, нужно получить согласие всех жильцов дома. Постепено ребята убедили всех противников баскетбольной площадки. Но тут возвращается из-за границы дипломат Ташев с новеньким автомобилем. Для автомобиля нужен гараж. И тут оказывается, что гараж собираются строить как раз на месте баскетбольной площадки...

The Hedgehogs' War  
The Porcupines' War  
Siilien sota Finland
Война ежей Soviet Union
Войната на таралежите Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

Dimitar Ganev [12] Malyaka