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3rd Rock from the Sun (TV series)


Aka: 3rd Rock (USA: promotional abbreviation)
Third Rock from the Sun (USA: alternative spelling)
Director: Terry Hughes, Robert Berlinger, James Burrows
Year: 1996
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Comedy / Sci-Fi

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A group of aliens has come to Earth to learn about its population, customs, etc. To avoid detection, they have taken on human form which gives them human emotions, physical needs etc. WITHOUT the understanding of what they mean or the inhibitions normally present in humans. Their leader takes the position of a college professor, their military expert as his sister, their intelligence expert, supposedly oldest of group takes form of his teenage son. The uninhibited reactions turn everyday events into unusual situations. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Emily Osment [7] Dahlia (TV Episode: Dick, Who's Coming to Dinner) (1999)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt [15] Tommy Solomon (TV Episode: The Thing That Wouldn't Die: Part 2) (1996)
Larisa Oleynik [17] Alissa Strudwick / Alissa (TV Episode: Fear and Loathing in Rutherford) (1998)
Andrew Ducote [12] Todd (TV Episode: When Aliens Camp) (1998)
Lindsey Haun [12] Lisa (TV Episode: Green-Eyed Dick) (1996)
Marnette Patterson [16] Volleyball Girl (TV Episode: Brains and Eggs) (1996)
Shay Astar [15] August (TV Episode: Citizen Solomon) (1996)
Spencer Vrooman [16] Dukes (TV Episode: A Friend in Dick) (1997)
Philip Bolden [4] Ben (TV Episode: Charitable Dick) (1999)
Jake Thomas [9] Kid (TV Episode: Y2dicK) (1999)
Taylor Emerson [9] Ronnie (TV Episode: The Tooth Harry) (1998)
Jordan Brower [17] Steve (TV Episode: The Physics of Being Dick) (1998)
Emile Hirsch [12] Punk (TV Episode: Scaredy Dick) (1997)

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