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The Adrenaline Project (TV series)

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2007 September, 29
23 minutes
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Each week, The Adrenaline Project takes five thrill-seeking teens and dares them to compete head-to-head through intense physical and mental challenges. Only three will survive elimination and earn a chance to put it all on the line in our final mystery competition to walk away with the prizes and the glory. We begin as our contestants are dropped at Base Camp for training with Boomer; an often-imposing wedge of a man with a light but twisted sense of humour. He'll put each crew of teens through a boot camp of his own design a pair of obstacle courses that test the skill, strength, speed and endurance that will be needed to complete the unknown challenge that lies ahead. When the dust settles, Boomer will have eliminated two contestants and the remaining three will join our host, Caz, at the final mystery challenge. But this ending is just the beginning as Caz dares our remaining three to complete the heart-stopping, Adrenaline-jacked final event. With no knowledge of what lies ahead, they'll compete head-to-head as they wakeboard, zipline, riversurf, white water kayak or even bungee jump to earn the right to walk away as the champ! With cameras following them every step of the way, we'll see the fears, the frustrations and the anticipation of our contestants, as they struggle to conquer a challenge unlike anything they've experienced before. Each week, new competitors will discover and surpass their personal limits - teeth clenched; hearts racing and emotions on their sleeves - as they reach for glory, and the bragging rights and the prizes that come with it! - IMDb

Adrenalin Projekt West Germany
The Adrenaline Project Canada

Children's Cast:

Nykeem Provo [17] Nykeem (TV Episode: Up the Creek) (2007)