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Eisfieber (TV)

My Rating: /10
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2010 January, 5
200 minutes
Drama / Thriller

Oxenford Medical is a small pharmaceutical company near Edinburgh. In her research laboratory the highest security level applies. But then the unthinkable happens. A trio of unscrupulous gangsters get inside yourself to high-security wing. Their goal: a container with a deadly virus. Toni Gallo, the young security chief of Oxenford Medical, currently has other worries. You must take care of her elderly mother, her ex-boyfriend makes difficulties, and a pushy reporter followed her at every turn. But then roll over the events, and then Toni makes middle of the night on the way. It's about your job to the company and to do much more. Stanley Oxenford, the company founder, has house and yard pledged to develop the Anti-Virus. Miranda and Olga, his grown-up daughters, hungry for the big money. Nigel, Elton, and Daisy, the thieves want to bring the virus to her unknown client, regardless of the possible consequences. And between all infected Kit, Stanley's wayward son who has to pay his gambling debts, and is willing to risk life and limb. All roads lead together in the country house of the family in the Scottish wilderness while on the Highlands draws up a blizzard of unprecedented proportions. - IMDb

Ken Folletts Eisfieber Germany
Nel bianco Italy

Children's Cast:

Gideon Finimento [12] Tom
Vivien Wulf [16] Sophie

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