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The Commish (TV series)

The Commish (Australia)

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1991 September, 28
60 minutes
Comedy / Crime / Drama / Mystery


Slightly offbeat television police comedy/drama. Tony Scali is the police commissioner in a small town, where solutions to difficult situations often require considerable creativity. Tony's easygoing manner and clever intellect are much more useful to him than weapons or brute force in his fight against crime - IMDb

L'as de la crime France
El Comisionado Peru
El Comisionado Venezuela
The Commish South Africa
The Commish Australia
The Commish Canada
The Commish Canada
The Commish United Kingdom
The Commish India
The Commish Philippines
The Commish Sweden
The Commish USA
Il commissario Scali Italy
Kuuma piiri Finland
Mókás hekus Hungary
O Comissário Brazil
Der Polizeichef - Eis im Blut West Germany
Der Polizeichef West Germany
Scali Norway
Комиссар полиции Russia
ザ・コミッシュ Japan

Children's Cast:

Gregory Smith [8] Jason (TV Episode: Nothing to Fear But Fear...) (1991)
Chauncey Leopardi [12] Sam Alexowski (TV Episode: Stoned) (1993)
Caroline Elliott [9] Linda Davenport (TV Episode: The Letter of the Law) (1994)
Chantal Strand [9] Margo Raphael (TV Episode: Redemption) (1996)
Danielle Harris [17] Sheri Fisher (TV Episode: Romeo and Juliet) (1994)
Gabriel Damon [16] Brad Harris (TV Episode: Guns and Sons) (1992)
Joel Palmer [7] Kevin Colyer / Child (TV Episode: Eastbridge Boulevard) (1993)
Myles Ferguson [13] Bobby MacGruder (TV Episode: The Lady Vanishes) (1994)
James Madio [17] Rip Russo (TV Episode: Judgement Day) (1992)
Shane Meier [15] Peter Brooks / Mark Sullivan (TV Episode: The Wicked Flee) (1992)
Vanessa Morley [7] Lucinda Hartley (TV Episode: A Little Heart) (1993)
Kaj-Erik Eriksen [12] David Scali (TV Episode: Redemption) (1991)
Andrea Libman [8] Laura at Age Five (TV Episode: Skeletons) (1992)
Joshua Harris [14] Jason (TV Episode: Guns and Sons) (1992)
Christopher Gray Jake Colyer / Matthew (TV Episode: The Kid) (1993)
Jesse Moss [11] Freddy (TV Episode: Sergeant Kelly) (1994)
Tony Sampson Derek (TV Episode: The Sharp Pinch) (1993)
Tyler Labine [17] Eddie (TV Episode: The Johnny Club) (1995)
Eric Pospisil Julian Lambert (TV Episode: Nancy with the Laughing Face) (1994)
Christina Vidal [14] Julianna Muldoon (TV Episode: Off Broadway: Part 1) (1995)
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