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The Widower

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1911 October, 31
Short / Drama

A widower with two children, Jimmie and Toto, is smitten by an attractive neighbor. As his mother and father live with him, he tells them of his infatuation, and of his desire to marry again. Later he introduces his fiancée to them. 'The children are so grieved at the prospect that they make up their minds to run away and in the dead of night manage to escape. The family are immediately alarmed and at once go in pursuit. Meanwhile, the children have made their way to the riverbank, and embarked in one of two boats which are moored there. In a charming series of pictures we see their voyage downstream and their ultimate landing some distance from home. The father and grandparents take the other boat and continue the pursuit. Some way down the stream they find a cap which Jimmie has lost and this brings the worst fears to their minds. When they land to search for the fugitives, the heart-broken grandmother, completely overcome with grief, waits at the boat. Jimmie and Toto, who are hidden nearby, emerge from the rushes and comfort her. The miller, realizing that owing to the children's attitude, his marriage will be impossible, ends the betrothal and resigns himself to the inevitable. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

René Dary [6] Bébé

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