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Penrod and His Twin Brother

Aka: Detetives do Barulho (Brazil)
Director: William C. McGann
Year: 1938
Country: USA
Runtime: 63 minutes
Genre: Comedy

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Once they had twin child actors Billy and Bobby Mauch on their payroll after The Prince and the Pauper, Warner Bros. had to work overtime to come up with suitable vehicles. One of the Mauch twins' best efforts was Penrod and His Twin Brother, based loosely on the "Penrod" stories by Booth Tarkington. Actually, 14-year-old "All American boy" Penrod (Billy Mauch) isn't really the brother of tough kid Danny (Bobby Mauch), but they do look exactly alike, leading to trouble for Penrod when he gets blamed for Danny's misdeeds. Eventually, Pen and Danny team up to vanquish a common enemy: a gang of mobsters who've squirreled themselves away in a desolate hideout. Among the supporting players are two recent "Our Gang" graduates, Jerry Tucker and Philip Hurlic. Penrod and His Twin Brother did well enough to warrant a follow-up, Penrod's Double Trouble. - Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

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Children's Cast:

Philip Hurlic [11] Vermin
Billy Mauch [17] Penrod
Jackie Morrow [13] Rodney Bitts
Billy Lechner [14] Donald
Robert J. Mauch [17] Danny
Johnnie Pirrone Jr. [15] Sam
Jerry Tucker [13] Gang Member

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