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Green Acres (TV series)

Country Cousins (USA)
The Eddie Albert Show (USA)
Green Acres (Australia)

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1965 September, 15
30 minutes
Comedy / Family
Production Company:


Manhattan lawyer Oliver Wendell Douglas, who has dreamed to become a farmer, buys a rundown farm sight unseen from con man Eustice Haney. Upon his return to New York, he drags his protesting socialite wife Lisa and her finery to the rural backwash of the farm outside Hooterville. There, along with their hired hand, they attempt to build the farm into a useful venture to start over. Meanwhile, Lisa becomes acclimated to her surroundings and attempts to bring some form of civility to the backwood neighbors. Farmer Fred Ziffel's pig Arnold watches television and is in many ways smarter than the locals. - IMDb

Les arpents verts France
Les arpents verts (complete title) Canada
Una caseta al camp Spain
Country Cousins USA
The Eddie Albert Show USA
La fattoria dei giorni felici Italy
Geen beter leven dan het buitenleven (informal literal title) Netherlands
Granjero último modelo Spain
Granjero último modelo Argentina
Green Acres Australia
Green Acres Canada
Green Acres USA
Green Acres Canada
Green Acres Philippines
Green Acres West Germany
O Fazendeiro do Asfalto Brazil
Viver no Campo Portugal
Зеленые просторы Soviet Union
農園天国 Japan

Children's Cast:

Johnny Whitaker [11] Dinky Watson / Willie (TV Episode: The Confrontation) (1970)
Debi Storm [12] Martha (TV Episode: The Confrontation) (1970)
Kerry MacLane [10] Little Boy (TV Episode: Home Is Where You Run Away From) (1968)
Richard S. Steele [16] Peter (TV Episode: The Confrontation) (1970)
Bobby Riha [10] Bruce (TV Episode: Instant Family) (1968)
Pamelyn Ferdin [9] Molly (TV Episode: Instant Family) (1968)
George Spell [12] George Carlson (TV Episode: The City Kids) (1970)
Buddy Foster [9] Boy / Emory Durkin (TV Episode: Culture) (1966)
Christopher Shea [10] Clarence / Dilly Watkins (TV Episode: How to Succeed in Television Without Really Trying) (1968)
Gary Dubin [9] Kenny / Gilbert Henshaw (TV Episode: Home Is Where You Run Away From) (1968)
Craig Huxley [14] Eric (TV Episode: Instant Family) (1968)
Tony Fraser Terry / Horace Milford (TV Episode: Culture) (1966)
Cindy Eilbacher [11] Nancy / Young Girl (TV Episode: The Reincarnation of Eb) (1969)