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Lancer (TV series)

Aka: Le ranch L (France)
Director: Allen Reisner, Don Richardson, William Hale ... more
Year: 1968
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Western

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Lancer is the story of a rancher who struggles to hang onto his vast holdings in California's San Joaquin Valley with the help of his two sons and his ward. Scott, whose mother died in childbirth, is Murdoch Lancer's older son. He was raised by his maternal grandfather in Boston. Younger son Johnny was taken from his father by his Mexican mother when he was only around two. He grew up around the Mexican border and went by the name Johnny Madrid under which he earned a reputation as a fast gun. Deservedly so apparently as men from his past occasionally show up to cause problems for Johnny and his new found family. Teresa O'Brien, daughter of Murdoch's murdered ranch foreman is Murdoch's ward and a surrogate sister to the two boys. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Johnny Whitaker [10] Andy Jack Sickles (TV Episode: Child of Rock and Sunlight) (1969)
Michael-James Wixted [9] Grady (TV Episode: Shadow of a Dead Man) (1970)
Ron Howard [14] Turk Caudle / Willy (TV Episode: Jelly) (1968)
Bill Mumy [15] Andy Cutler (TV Episode: The Kid) (1969)
Lisa Gerritsen [12] Vinny Buttermere (TV Episode: The Great Humbug) (1969)
Debi Storm [11] Mary Anne Barton / Annabelle (TV Episode: The Measure of a Man) (1969)
Ted Eccles [14] Billy Lockwood (TV Episode: Welcome to Genesis) (1969)
Clint Howard [11] Willie Sharpe (TV Episode: Blue Skies for Willie Sharpe) (1970)
Craig Jue So-So (TV Episode: Jelly) (1968)
Scott James Dan'l (TV Episode: The Measure of a Man) (1969)
Manuel Padilla Jr. [14] Running Fox / Indian Boy #2 (TV Episode: The Man Without a Gun) (1969)
Sean Kelly [13] Silas Hacket (TV Episode: A Scarecrow at Hacket's) (1969)
Teddy Quinn [9] Sawdust (TV Episode: Jelly) (1968)
Tim Weldon [12] Young Boy (TV Episode: The Black Angel) (1969)

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