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Danni Lowinski (TV series)

Director: Martin Schwab, Marc Willard, Allard Westenbrink ... more
Release: 20 Mar 2013
Country: Netherlands
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Comedy

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It's about Danni Lowinski who is a hairdresser. She is in need of money because she owns the state money so she decided to become a lawyer. She is a bit lowbrow and big mouthed. Her office is in a mall, she has a table in the hall. Her best friend Lieke works in a shop that's on the opposite of Danni's table. Her friend Jeroen owns a bike shop and he helps Danni a bit. Jeroen is in love with Lieke but she doesn't really fancy him. Every episode has a new case meanwhile Danni struggles with her disabled father, lovers and friends. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Tonko Bossen [18] Staljongen (TV Episode: 4.5) (2016)

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