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Bizaardvark (TV series)

Bizaardvark (USA)

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2016 June, 24
Comedy / Family

The series revolves around two 13-year-old best friends, Paige and Frankie, who write funny songs and create music videos for their online channel, titled Bizaardvark, which has 10,000 subscribers. The amateur musicians get to work from a creative studio space that they hope will take their videos to the next level. In their cool new environment, and with the help of family and friends, the girls will embark on a series of comedic adventures in their quest to become online stars. - IMDb

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Frankie & Paige France
Paige & Frankie  
Μπιζάρντβαρκ Greece
Бизаардарк Bulgaria
Чудаардварк Russia
やりすぎ配信! ビザードバーク Japan

Children's Cast:

Mckenna Grace [10] Didi (TV Episode: Pretty-Con) (2016)
Elijah Nelson [17] Hugh (TV Episode: Control + Alt + Escape!) (2016)
Samantha Bailey [15] Ameliac (TV Episode: Halloweenvark) (2016)
Maxwell Simkins Zane
Joshua Carlon Theo (TV Episode: First!) (2016)
Sanai Victoria [9] Girl (TV Episode: The Collab) (2016)
DeVore Ledridge [15] Amelia Duckworth
Olivia Rodrigo [13] Paige Olvera
Madison Hu [14] Frankie Wong
John-Paul Boatman-Vazquez Crying boy (TV Episode: Moosetashio: A Cautionary Tale) (2016)
Elie Samouhi Rodney
O'Neill Monahan Milo (TV Episode: Moosetashio: A Cautionary Tale) (2016)
Abigail Dylan Harrison Tiffany (TV Episode: BizRipOffs) (2019)
Kea Peahu [9] Blobfish Music Video Girl #1 (TV Episode: First!) (2016)
Cadence Murray Girl shopper (TV Episode: Eye of the Duckworth) (2019)
Rebecca Bloom Katie (TV Episode: Mom! Stop!) (2017)