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Richie Rich (TV series)

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2015 February, 20
Production Company:

Richie Rich is just a normal kid. But, he has trillions of dollars. His life takes place in his newly built mansion with his dad, his sister Harper, Darcy, Murray, and Irona. He has mostly everything! Its just filled with fun and adventure! - IMDb

Ricky Ricón Spain
Riquinho Portugal
Riquinho Rico Brazil
Το Πλουσιόπαιδο Greece
Богатенький Ричи Russia
リッチー・リッチ (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Amiah Miller Noah (TV Episode: $pooky $tuff) (2015)
Bretton Manley [13] Marty (TV Episode: Briti$h Rich) (2015)
Jake Brennan Richie Rich (TV Episode: Family Tie$) (2015)
Jenna Ortega Darcy (TV Episode: Family Tie$) (2015)
Joshua Carlon Murray (TV Episode: Family Tie$) (2015)
Cyrus Arnold [12] Alfonso (TV Episode: Good Deeds) (2015)
Eva Trevisan [13] Urona (TV Episode: Fir$t Love) (2015)
Rachel Gage Eliza (TV Episode: Ladies Man) (2015)
Lauren Taylor [17] Harper Rich

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