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The Secret Life of T.K. Dearing

Director: Harry Harris
Release: 23 Apr 1975
Country: USA
Runtime: 50 minutes
Genre: Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Family

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This Afterschool Special is given a huge boost by the warm, understanding performances of Jodie Foster (as T.K.) and veteran character actor Eduard Franz as her mischievous grandfather. T.K. lives the life of an average, likeable teen; she and her friends hang out in their private clubhouse - then T.K.'s Grandfather comes to stay. At first T.K. doesn't quite know what to make of her Grand-dad, but as his fun-loving personality gradually wins her over they become genuine pals; he's even allowed to join the clubhouse group (after bribing his way in with a pizza). Later, T.K. has to make another emotional adjustment when Grandpa's health takes a turn for the worse. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Jodie Foster [13] T.K. Dearing

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