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Ironside (TV series)

Ironside (Australia)
A Man Called Ironside (United Kingdom)
The Raymond Burr Show (USA: syndication title)

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1967 September, 14
60 minutes
Crime / Drama / Mystery


Ironside is confined to a wheel chair (an attempted assassination left him paralyzed). With his former assistants Brown and Whitfield (later Belding) and former delinquent (and later lawyer) Mark, he combats crime for the San Francisco police from his mobile office (a van) while leaving a pot of chili cooking back at headquarters. - IMDb

Brottsplats: San Francisco Sweden
Der Chef West Germany
Der Chef West Germany
Etsivä Ironside Finland
L'homme de fer France
Ironside Canada
Ironside Spain
Ironside Italy
Ironside Ecuador
Ironside South Africa
Ironside India
Ironside Australia
Ironside (short title) Poland
Ironside United Kingdom
Ironside Netherlands
Ironside USA
Ironside Canada
Komisarz Ironside Poland
A Man Called Ironside United Kingdom
The Raymond Burr Show (syndication title) USA
Têmpera de Aço Brazil
Железная сторона Soviet Union
鬼警部アイアンサイド Japan

Children's Cast:

Jodie Foster [10] Pip Barker (TV Episode: Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Murder) (1972)
Michael-James Wixted [8] Joey Atkins (TV Episode: The Tormentor) (1969)
Lisa Gerritsen [16] Nancy Flynn (TV Episode: Double-Edged Corner) (1973)
Susan Olsen [7] Tracy Richards (TV Episode: Barbara Who) (1968)
Mitch Vogel [14] Jerry Jessup (TV Episode: Little Jerry Jessup) (1970)
George Spell [12] Jerry (TV Episode: Little Dog, Gone) (1970)
Christian Juttner [7] Joey / Eddie (TV Episode: Class of '57) (1971)
Lee Montgomery [10] Jerry Abbott / Craig Carlson (TV Episode: If a Body See a Body) (1971)
Jerry Davis [17] Jeff Harmon (TV Episode: Trip to Hashbury) (1968)
Kevin McCarley [15] Webster (TV Episode: Riddle at 24,000) (1974)
Vincent Van Patten [14] Sonny Brokaw (TV Episode: The Target) (1971)
Stephen R. Hudis [14] Eddie Bosner (TV Episode: Contract: Kill Ironside) (1971)
Kevin Burchett [17] Messenger (TV Episode: The Macabre Mr. Micawber) (1968)
Keith Taylor Basketball Player (TV Episode: Stolen on Demand) (1969)
Melody Thomas Scott [13] Leslie Richards (TV Episode: Goodbye to Yesterday) (1969)
Stephen Liss [13] Allie Farber (TV Episode: L'Chayim) (1969)