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Mack & Moxy (TV series)

Mack & Moxy (USA)

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2015 September, 1

Mack & Moxy partners with Americas leading non-profit organizations to teach children about important causes like Hunger Awareness, Early Childhood Education, Saving Wild Animals, Emergency Preparedness, or Autism.By combining 3D animation, live-action puppets, fun adventures, good-hearted humor and catchy music, Mack & Moxy teaches children life-long lessons of charity and compassion, while celebrating the joy of helping others.In each episode, MACK, a loveable, moose-like lummox, and MOXY, a feisty whirlwind of a raccoon/fox-inspired entrepreneur, set out to rescue another Great Helpee in a mystical place called HelpeeLand.Along the way, Mack & Moxy meet a FRIEND-IN-NEED, a resident character of HelpeeLand, who is in some way connected to the episodes cause. This could be a bird-like creature who has autism, a corn-stalk kid who needs to escape a burning building, or a tiger-like tyke who wants to save his home. The Friend-In-Need not only receives assistance, but offers it as well.Together, they all set off to rescue The Great Helpee while discovering meaningful and exciting ways they will help each other! - IMDb

Mack & Moxy Singapore
Mack & Moxy USA

Children's Cast:

Tyree Brown [12] Trooper Tyree (TV Episode: A Ty-Grrrr's Tale) (2016)
Francesca Capaldi Trooper Francesca (TV Episode: Feeding Rainbow) (2016)
Kaitlyn Maher [12] Trooper Kaitlyn (TV Episode: A Friend Who Reads Is a Friend Indeed) (2016)
Sade Kimora Young [10] Trooper Sade (TV Episode: Buckle, Buckle, Seatbelts and Chuckle) (2016)
Xolo Maridueña [15] Trooper Xolo (TV Episode: S.T.E.M. Strong) (2016)