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Shimmer and Shine (TV series)

Shimmer and Shine (USA)

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2015 August, 24
30 minutes
Animation / Adventure / Fantasy

Follows the magical adventures of genie twin sisters Shimmer and Shine and their human best friend Leah, who, when needing help with various dilemmas, is granted three wishes after summoning the genies with a rub of her oil lamp pendant necklace. - IMDb

Blíða og Blær Iceland
Shimmer & Shine  
Shimmer and Shine USA
Shimmer and Shine West Germany
Shimmer and Shine Philippines
Shimmer and Shine Canada
Shimmer and Shine Singapore
Shimmer and Shine South Africa
Shimmer and Shine South Korea
Shimmer and Shine Canada
Shimmer and Shine Italy
Shimmer and Shine United Kingdom
Shimmer and Shine Australia
Shimmer and Shine India
Shimmer and Shine India
Shimmer dan Shine Malaysia
Shimmer e Shine Brazil
Shimmer en Shine Netherlands
Shimmer és Shine, a dzsinn testvérek Hungary
Shimmer et Shine France
Shimmer i Shine Croatia
Shimmer i Shine Poland
Shimmer og Shine Norway
Shimmer y Shine Spain
Šimer i Šajn Serbia
Σίμερ και Σάιν Greece
Шиммер и Шайн Russia
Шиммер та Шайн Ukraine

Children's Cast:

Alina Foley [12] Leah (TV Episode: The Return to the Sleep-Over) (2015)
Jet Jurgensmeyer [12] Kaz / Kaz (2015-) / Zac (TV Episode: The First Wish) (2016)
Bobby Smalldridge Shaya (UK) (TV Episode: Size of the Beholder/Zoomicorn Toss) (2016)
Kitana Turnbull Minu (TV Episode: Hairdos and Don'ts/Flower Power) (2017)
Ethan Jones Zac (TV Episode: Brave-ish/Nazboo's Magic Kazoo) (2018)
Isabella Crovetti Shine
Hudson West [10] Shaya