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Harry and the Hendersons (TV series)

Harry and the Hendersons (USA)

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1991 January, 12
30 minutes
Comedy / Family / Fantasy

The Hendersons were a typical sitcom family living in the Pacific Northwest who owned an unusual pet: a real live Sasquatch. While on a camping trip, the Hendersons found Bigfoot, and brought him back to their house to live with them. Problems ensue while trying to repair the damage caused by Harry's curious nature, and while trying to keep his existence a secret. - IMDb

Bigfoot und die Hendersons West Germany
Harry and the Hendersons Singapore
Harry and the Hendersons USA
Harry and the Hendersons United Kingdom
Harry and the Hendersons Canada
Harry and the Hendersons Canada
Harry e gli Henderson Italy
Harry et les Henderson France
Harry i Hendersonowie Poland
Harry ja Hendersonit Finland
Harry y los Henderson Spain
Uriaşul Harry Romania
Гарри и Хендерсоны Soviet Union
Хари и Хендерсонови Serbia

Children's Cast:

Mercedes McNab [12] Lisa (TV Episode: The Genius) (1992)
Christina Nigra [17] Danielle (TV Episode: The Busybody) (1992)
Will Estes [15] Brad (TV Episode: Harry, the Mascot) (1993)
Zachary Bostrom [10] Ernie Henderson (TV Episode: Uncle Mack Comes Back) (1991)
Danielle Fishel [12] Jessica (TV Episode: The Long Goodbyes: Part 2) (1993)
Benj Thall [15] Lance (TV Episode: Harry, the Mascot) (1993)
Thomas Ian Nicholas [11] Scootch (TV Episode: The Bodyguard) (1991)
Bo Sharon Todd (TV Episode: Halloween) (1991)
Kevin Connors Tommy (TV Episode: Big Feet, Small Minds) (1993)
Aeryk Egan (TV Episode: The Bodyguard) (1991)
Courtney Peldon [10] Darcy Payne