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Reluctant Nanny (TV)

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2015 February, 14
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After the failure of her start-up company, Libby Prescott (Jessy Schram) has packed up her life and moved to Los Angeles to start her new job. However, her first day of work abruptly turns into her last. Later that day, Libby finds herself chasing a man who stole her purse, but is quickly stopped by police officer, Dan Connor (Aaron Hill). Dan, who is currently looking after two foster kids, suggests that Libby work as his live-in nanny until either the kids find a permanent home or she finds a new job. Unwilling to turn down a job offer in her time of need, Libby accepts the position. But playing house isn't as easy as it sounds. Libby must learn to keep house and care for children for the first time in her life. Furthermore, the children's constant fear of abandonment forces Libby to really consider the responsibility she's taken on. As Libby and Dan grow closer to the kids, a familial bond begins to form, making it difficult to think about life without each other. Just when Dan decides to officially adopt the children, Libby is offered the job of her dreams. The only problem being that the opportunity would take Libby far away from her new family, the dream she never knew she had. - IMDb

Либби Прескотт переезжает в Лос-Анджелес на новую работу, но в первый же день её увольняют. В этот же день, вор крадет у неё сумочку с последними деньгами. Либби приходить в ярость и догоняет вора. Полицейскому Дену Коннору приходится спасать вора. Ден Коннор получает задание найти двух детей сбежавших из приемной семьи. Дети, брат и сестра Сэм и Хана, стали сиротами потому, что Ден посадил их отца за решётку. Дену разрешают взят опекунство над детьми, с условием, что он найдет им няню. Ден звонит Либби и предлагает работу. А Либби оставшись в чужом городе без денег и работы, естественно соглашается.

Nounou malgré elle France
Няня поневоле Russia

Children's Cast:

Gabriel Suttle Sam Anderson
Max Page David

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