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Grand Slam

Also known as: La gran jugada (Spain)
Director: William Dieterle
Release: 22 Feb 1933
Country: USA
Runtime: 67 minutes
Genre: Comedy

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After waiter and would-be novelist Peter Stanislavsky marries Marcia, he learns to play bridge to satisfy his wife, despite feeling that it is a childish game. Her friends all play the game avidly, but argue often about the proper play. He's called one evening to serve as a waiter at a bridge party given by Lola Starr, but is asked to be a fourth for one of the bridge tables, where eminent bridge expert Cedric Van Dorn is seated. Peter trounces the expert, and when asked what method he uses to play, he jokingly says the "Stanislavsky method," which has no rules of bidding or play. It makes headlines; Speed McCann ghostwrites a best-selling book for him; a national tour is set up with Marcia as his partner; and his method sweeps the country. But slowly Peter begins to question Marcia's play, leading to arguments because it is a violation of the only rule in his system. And when he gives private lessons to Lola, Marcia leaves him thinking there is something between them. With his national reputation nose-diving and his personal life in ruins, Peter devises a plan to turn things around. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Wally Albright [8] Boy Bridge Player

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