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Invisible Sister (TV)

Invisible Sister (Australia)

My Rating: /10
Rating:  awaiting 3 votes    IMDb

2015 October, 9
80 minutes
Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy
Production Company:

While working on a science project, high school student Cleo accidentally creates a vapor that turns a moth invisible. But that's not the only thing she turns invisible; she finds out she also turned her older sister invisible. With her sister invisible and only hours to find a cure, Cleo must use her friends and her skills to cure her invisible sister. - IMDb

Invisible Sister Australia
Invisible Sister Canada
Invisible Sister USA
A Láthatatlan tesó Hungary
Ma sœur est invisible ! France
Mi hermana invisible Spain
Mia sorella è invisibile! Italy
Min osynliga syster Sweden
Minha Irmã Invisível Brazil
A Minha irmã Invisível Portugal
Moja neviditeľná sestra Slovakia
Moja nevidljiva sestra Serbia
Moja niewidzialna Siostra Poland
Sora mea invizibila Romania
Überraschend unsichtbar West Germany
Η αόρατη αδερφή μου Greece
Моята невидима сестра Bulgaria
Невидимая сестра Russia
インビジブル・シスター Japan

Children's Cast:

Karan Brar [16] George
Rowan Blanchard [13] Cleo
Claire McReynolds Trick-or-Treater in Black / Silver Costume
Joshua Probus Neighborhood Kid