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The Parent 'Hood (TV series)

Director: Gerren Keith, Robert Townsend, Paul Miller ... more
Year: 1995
Country: USA
Runtime: 30 minutes
Genre: Comedy

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A college professor copes with contemporary fatherhood. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Miko Hughes [10] Arnie (TV Episode: Substitute's Pet) (1996)
Cody McMains [12] Andy (TV Episode: No Soul on Ice) (1997)
Kyla Pratt [9] Monica (TV Episode: A Kiss Is Just a Kiss) (1995)
Lana McKissack [12] Bessie Coleman (TV Episode: I'm O'Tay, You're O-Tay) (1996)
Curtis Williams [8] Nicholas Peterson (TV Episode: Wedding Bells Blues) (1995)
Penny Bae Bridges [8] Skylar Sawyer (TV Episode: I Want My Z-TV) (1998)
Brenden Jefferson [10] Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (TV Episode: I'm O'Tay, You're O-Tay) (1996)
Robert Bailey Jr. Jesse (TV Episode: Integrity to Block) (1997)
Orlando Brown [9] George Washington Carver (TV Episode: I'm O'Tay, You're O-Tay) (1996)
Asher Metchik [11] Drew (TV Episode: Don't Go There) (1997)
Deon Richmond [17] Troy Hollis (TV Episode: The Rake, the Fake and Gopher Snake) (1995)
Aldo Menjivar T.D. (TV Episode: Our Gang) (1996)

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