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Barney & Friends (TV series 1992-2009)

Barney (Australia)
Barney & Friends (USA)
Barney the Dinosaur (USA)

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1992 April, 6
30 minutes
Adventure / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Musical / Sci-Fi

Hey kids! Pick your feet up off the floor; it's time to dance with the dinosaur - Barney, that is, in this high-energy song and dance revue. You can't help but twist and shout to these infectious grooves, a compliation of funky favorites and danceable debuts. When you're ready to get down to some serious singing and swinging, Barney's got the dino dancin' tunes you'll want to see again and again! - IMDb

Barney Australia
Barney (complete title) West Germany
Barney France
Barney Greece
Barney Italy
Barney (informal short title) USA
Barney & Freunde West Germany
Barney & Friends USA
Barney & Friends  
Barney & Friends South Africa
Barney & Friends Canada
Barney & Friends Canada
Barney & Friends Ecuador
Barney & Friends United Kingdom
Barney & Friends India
Barney & Friends South Korea
Barney & Friends Philippines
Barney & Friends Singapore
Barney e os Seus Amigos Portugal
Barney e Seus Amigos Brazil
Barney és barátai Hungary
Barney i przyjaciele Poland
Barney the Dinosaur USA
Barney to eigo de asobo! Japan
Barney y sus amigos Spain
Barney y sus amigos Mexico
Barney y sus amigos Puerto Rico
Barney y sus amigos  
Barney y sus Amigos Argentina
Barney y sus Amigos (new title) Colombia
Барни и друзья Russia
بارني آند فريندز United Arab Emirates
बार्नी एंड फ्रेंड्स India
バーニー&フレンズ Japan
小博士邦尼 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Madison Pettis [8] Bridget (TV Episode: Pets/Vets) (2006)
Selena Gomez [10] Gianna (TV Episode: It's Your Birthday, Barney!) (2002)
Kyla Pratt [5] She was one of the kids on the show
Malese Jow [6] Tea Party Girl (TV Episode: Pennies, Nickels, Dimes) (1997)
Tyler Farris [8] (TV Episode: All About Me) (2004)
Preston Strother [7] Peter (TV Episode: Counting/Letters) (2006)
Anthony Mazur [5] Boy in park (TV Episode: Everybody's Got Feelings) (2004)
Emilio Mazur [9] David (TV Episode: The Reluctant Dragon: A Fairy Tale Adventure) (2004)
Bryce Cass [10] Ramon (TV Episode: Guess Who?/Sweet Treats) (2007)
Ashlan Cunningham Lindsey (TV Episode: Things I Can Do/Differences) (2006)
Jackson Pace [7] Adam (TV Episode: Pets/Vets) (2006)
Cameron Ten Napel [7] Patty (TV Episode: Butterflies/Bugs) (2006)
Braeden Kennedy [10] Scott (TV Episode: Airplanes/Boats) (2006)
Tanner Fontana [8] Kid on Bridge (TV Episode: The Magic Words/Litterbot) (2007)
Jaren Lewison [9] Joshua (TV Episode: The Good Egg: Kenya) (2009)
Brighton Sharbino [7] Drummer (TV Episode: The Music Box: Switzerland) (2009)
Mika Abdalla [8] Jill (TV Episode: A Game for Everyone: A Sports Adventure) (2008)
Haley Hill [3] Jenna (TV Episode: Easy Does It!) (1998)
Jessica Zucha [10] Tina
Tyler Strother [14] Demetri (TV Episode: Sweeter Than Candy: Greece) (2009)
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