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The Client (TV series 1995-1996)

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1995 September, 17
60 minutes
Crime / Drama / Thriller

This series was based on the book by John Grisham about Reggie Love, a lawyer, who just started her practice and is also a recovering alcoholic which was made into a movie starring Susan Sarandon. Now Jobeth Williams is playing the part of Reggie. Her adversary in the movie, Roy Foltrig is also there. Only their relationship is not as adversarial as it was in the movie. Reggie occasionally calls on Roy for help, and at other times drives him crazy with high standards of ethics. Also Reggie is trying to convince her ex-husband to allow her access to her children. - IMDb

По роману Джона Гришема. Марк, парнишка из неблагополучной семьи, оказался свидетелем самоубийства адвоката мафии. Перед смертью адвокат сказал мальчику, где спрятан труп сенатора, убитого мафией. Мальчик тем самым становится нежелательным свидетелем, и мафия пытается его убить. Одновременно агенты ФБР, ведомые энергичным окружным прокурором требуют, чтобы ребенок дал показания. Надо сказать, что пацан оказался смышленый и боевой - он нанимает себе адвоката Реджи Лав, которая не только защищает его права, но и помогает ему остаться в живых.

Le client (dubbed version) France
El Cliente Spain
Il cliente Italy
John Grisham's The Client  
Der Klient Germany
O Cliente Portugal
O pelatis (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece

Children's Cast:

Christopher Masterson [16] Tommy Powers (TV Episode: Private Lives) (1996)
Billy O'Sullivan [15] Chris (TV Episode: The Peach Orchard) (1995)
Bradley Pierce [13] Ryan Nichols (TV Episode: The Prodigal Father) (1995)
Cody Dorkin [10] Eric Gaines (TV Episode: Child's Play) (1995)
Jason James Richter [16] Chris Love (TV Episode: The Morning After) (1996)
Noley Thornton [13] Amy (TV Episode: Winning) (1996)
Rachel Duncan [10] Lisa Jacobs (TV Episode: Dear Harris) (1995)
Ryan Merriman [12] Jeff Dietrich (TV Episode: The Way Things Never Were) (1995)
Scarlett Johansson [11] Jenna Halliwell (TV Episode: Pilot) (1995)
Sean Nelson [16] Justin Mayfield (TV Episode: Motherless Child) (1996)
Jennifer Banko [17] Sharon Barnes (TV Episode: A Perfect World) (1995)
Elisabeth Harnois [16] Leigh-Ann (TV Episode: The Burning of Atlanta) (1995)
Devon Michael [8] Matthew (TV Episode: The Peach Orchard) (1995)
Miles Feulner [13] Rafe Collins (TV Episode: Pilot) (1995)
Nathan Lawrence [10] Jamison Kelso (TV Episode: The Peach Orchard) (1995)
Melody Kay Alison (TV Episode: The Peach Orchard) (1995)
Courtney Peldon [14] Julia (TV Episode: The Way Things Never Were) (1995)

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