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Code Black (TV series)

Code Black (USA)

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2015 September, 30
42 minutes

This show is based on the award-winning documentary of the same name. This medical drama follows the staff in an extremely busy emergency room as they cope with a staggering amount of patients, which oftentimes outweighs the hospital's resources, resulting in a code black. - IMDb

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Code Black India
Code Black India
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Code Black Canada
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Vészhelyzet: Los Angeles Hungary
Реанимация Russia
Шифра: црно Serbia
コード・ブラック 生と死の間で Japan
코드 블랙 South Korea

Children's Cast:

Kylie Rogers [14] Sally Kessler (TV Episode: Home Stays Home) (2018)
Cameron Boyce [17] Brody (TV Episode: Love Hurts) (2016)
Ashley Boettcher [17] Olivia Jones (TV Episode: Vertigo) (2017)
Jackson Pace [16] Pete Irving (TV Episode: The Son Rises) (2015)
Emily Alyn Lind [13] Ariel (TV Episode: Pilot) (2015)
Cozi Zuehlsdorff [17] Aubrey Clark (TV Episode: Cardiac Support) (2015)
Maggie Elizabeth Jones [12] Lily (TV Episode: The Fog of War) (2015)
Sayeed Shahidi Randell (TV Episode: You Are the Heart) (2015)
Seth Carr [9] Zane Jacobson (TV Episode: Corporeal Form) (2016)
Gabriel Bateman [11] Jason Riner (TV Episode: Black Tag) (2015)
Duncan Joiner Ian Renwick (TV Episode: Demons and Angels) (2016)
Elisha Henig [12] Luke Barton (TV Episode: Love Hurts) (2016)
Emma Engle [13] Kaya (TV Episode: Second Year) (2016)
Julian Zane Pablo Saracho (TV Episode: Buen Árbol) (2015)
Akinyele Caldwell (TV Episode: Landslide) (2016)
O'Neill Monahan Doug Kessler (TV Episode: Home Stays Home) (2018)
Brooklyn Rae Silzer Erica Flynn (TV Episode: Demons and Angels) (2016)
Ariana Molkara [12] Vanessa (TV Episode: Pilot) (2015)