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Duh babe Ilonke

Aka: The Little Gypsy Witch
Director: Tomislav Zaja
Year: 2011
Country: Croatia
 Republic of Macedonia
Runtime: 98 minutes
Genre: Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Musical

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The Little Gypsy Witch is a children's comedy, telling the story of an unusual Roma family, seen through the eyes of the ten year-old girl Manusha. After the death of Manusha's grandmother, Ilonka, her parents, consumed by their everyday troubles, do not even notice the odd occurrences in the house. Manusha quickly realizes that the house is possessed by the ghost of her deceased grandmother, and with the help of her friend Zdenko, the undertaker's son, she attempts to soothe the restless and angry ghost. However, Manusha gradually discovers a family secret from the past that will help her confront the curse placed upon her deceased grandmother and her entire family. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Selma Ibrahimi Manusa
Marin Arman Grbin [12] Zdenko
Dora Milenovic Maja

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