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Odd Squad (TV series)

Odd Squad (United Kingdom)
Odd Squad: Mobile Unit (2020) (USA: third season title)

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Geared for children ages 5-8, "Odd Squad" follows two young agents, Olive and Otto, who are part of an agency that seeks to save the day using math when odd things happen. - IMDb

Escuadrón impar Spain
Esquadrão Bizarro Brazil
Ett fall för KLURO Sweden
Odd Squad France
Odd Squad United Kingdom
Odd Squad India
Odd Squad South Korea
Odd Squad Mexico
Odd Squad Netherlands
Odd Squad Philippines
Odd Squad Singapore
Odd Squad USA
Odd Squad South Africa
Odd Squad Australia
Odd Squad Canada
Odd Squad Canada
Odd Squad Ecuador
Odd Squad - Die Sondertruppe West Germany
Odd Squad: Mobile Unit (2020) (third season title) USA
Strana squadra Italy
Zvláštní skvadra Czechoslovakia
अजीब दस्ते India
オッド・スクワッド Japan

Children's Cast:

Dalila Bela [13] Agent Olive (TV Episode: First Day) (2014)
Percy Hynes White [14] Odie (TV Episode: Captain Fun/Switch Your Partner Round and Round) (2015)
Samuel Faraci Ori (TV Episode: Hold the Door/Flatastrophe) (2015)
Kyle Harrison Breitkopf Agent O'Brian (TV Episode: Zero Effect/Bad Luck Bears) (2014)
Jayden Greig Agent O'Neil (TV Episode: Puppet Show/Mystic Egg Pizza) (2015)
Drew Davis Odenbacker (TV Episode: No Ifs, Ands, or Robots/Worst First Day Ever) (2015)
Millie Davis Ms. O / ms. O (TV Episode: Three's Company) (2014)
Devan Cohen Agent Olsen (TV Episode: Blob on the Job/Party of 5,4,3,2,1) (2014)
Sean Michael Kyer Agent Oscar / Oscar
Kyle Meagher [14] The Big O (TV Episode: Flawed Squad/The Creature Whisperer) (2016)
Christian Distefano [9] Owen / Agent Owen (TV Episode: And Then They Were Puppies/A Case of the Sillies) (2014)
Jack Fulton [9] Agent O'Malley (TV Episode: Rise of the Hydraclops/O Is Not for Old) (2015)
T.J. McGibbon [9] Mathroom (TV Episode: Trading Places/Bad Lemonade) (2014)
Filip Geljo Agent Otto (TV Episode: First Day) (2014)
Peyton Kennedy [10] Dr. O (TV Episode: Flawed Squad/The Creature Whisperer) (2014)
Isaac Kragten [14] Agent Otis (TV Episode: Three's Company) (2016)
Olivia Presti Oona (TV Episode: The Voice) (2015)
Jaeden Noel Obfusco (TV Episode: Training Day) (2014)
Jaden Michael Agent Otto (TV Episode: Zero Effect/Bad Luck Bears) (2014)
Jaiden Cannatelli Ohlm
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