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Mange ta soupe

Eat Your Soup (USA)

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1909 November, 3
Short / Comedy
Production Company:

This is all about a fat baby that would not eat his soup and the terrible trouble he gives everybody in consequence. The entire family, consisting of the father, mother and baby, with his nurse, are about to spend the day in the country, and the nurse, anxious that baby will be well fortified before starting out on the journey, endeavors in vain to make the stubborn little fellow swallow his bowl of soup. The baby, however, does not feel a bit like soup that morning, and no amount of coaxing will move him from his determination not to touch a drop of the beverage. He punches the poor impatient nurse as she tries to get the spoon to his mouth, and altogether shows that he is master of the household. The father then tries what he can do, because it is time to start and if they don't hurry they will lose the train, but the baby treats papa with the utmost scorn, showing in his whole bearing how stupid be thinks him not to be able to appreciate that when a person does not feel like eating it is not only very impolite, but also a great loss of valuable time to try to force him to do so. The party is already on the train and Mr. Baby still refuses t« take any nourishment, but the poor unoffending passengers get their share of the soup, however, because in the frantic efforts of father, mother and nurse to get the baby to take a drink of the soup a goodly portion of it is spilled on the people sitting in the seats nearby. Arriving at their destination some acrobats are seen performing by the way and the baby claps his chubby hands in delight, the father believing that the clown perhaps can influence the baby to take the soup, hands him the child, but the latter still refuses to touch it, but spying an attendant bringing one of the performing dogs his biscuit, he makes a grab for it, and before his horrified mother can stop him he swallows the dog food with relish. - IMDb

Eat Your Soup USA

Children's Cast:

René Dary [4] Toto

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