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Bébé millionnaire

Jimmie on a Lark (USA)

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1911 May, 20
Short / Comedy

He drives into the picture in a pair-horsed brougham and seeing a ragged boy dangling his legs on the coping orders the carriage to stop. Jumping out Jimmie runs to the boy, embraces him and insists upon his returning with him in the carriage to the home. They drive through the big gates to the disgust of the lodge-keeper and the boys adjourn to the grounds, where Jimmie induces his companion to change coats. Attired in the ragged coat and too large a cap, Jimmie looks a regular urchin, and finding from the boy the direction of hi home, Jimmie runs off to the poor boy's father and mother, who are naturally astonished at seeing a different boy in their own child's clothes. He quickly makes himself at home and then the other boy arrives, tells his parents who his friend is, and the mother insists on taking Jimmie home. To his mother's relief he is finally brought back to the house, but before going indoors he turns back to throw a final kiss to his humble friends for a happy day. - IMDb

Jimmie on a Lark USA

Children's Cast:

René Dary [5] Bébé

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