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Sisters (TV series 1991-1996)

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1991 May, 11
60 minutes

"Sisters" follows the lives and loves of four close, but very different, sisters of the Reed family living in Winnetka, Illinois. Alex, the oldest, is a wealthy, slightly snobish, WASP wife of a plastic surgeron. Teddy, is a free-spirited, artist/drifter seeking to find her place in life. Georgie, is a typical suburban housewife trying to keep the family together. Frankie, the youngest, is an overacheiving, businesswoman trying to make it big in the world. - IMDb

Hermanas Spain
Rakkaat siskot Finland
Les soeurs Reed France
Ein Strauß Töchter Germany
Systrar Sweden
Сестре Serbia
Сестры (Russian title) Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Kirsten Dunst [11] Kitten Margolis (TV Episode: Dear Georgie) (1993)
Gabrielle Boni [10] Little Charley (TV Episode: A Lullaby to My Father) (1995)
Kyla Pratt [10] Little Girl (TV Episode: The Price) (1996)
Sean Nelson [15] Jesse Bayliss (TV Episode: Taking a Gamble) (1995)
Zachary Browne [8] Little Boy (TV Episode: Second Thoughts) (1993)
Shira Roth [9] Georgie at Six (TV Episode: Renaissance Woman) (1995)
Kathryn Zaremba [12] Roxie Whatley (TV Episode: A House Divided) (1994)
Ryan Francis [14] Trevor Whitsig (TV Episode: Matters of the Heart) (1991)
Thomas Ian Nicholas [11] Jason (TV Episode: The Kindness of Strangers) (1991)
Alex Zuckerman Damien (TV Episode: Blood Is Thicker Than Water) (1994)
Norman D. Golden II [10] Dexter Warren (TV Episode: A Child Is Given) (1994)
Mike Simmrin [13] Young John (TV Episode: The First Time) (1992)
Spencer Klein [10] David (TV Episode: Guess Who's Coming to Seder) (1996)
John Christian Graas [10] Jamie Bolt (TV Episode: Lost Souls) (1992)