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Bella and the Bulldogs (TV series)

Bella and the Bullfrogs (USA: English title)

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2015 January, 17
30 minutes
Comedy / Family

Follows a perky head cheerleader named Bella whose life in Texas takes an unexpected twist when she becomes the new quarterback for her school team, the Bulldogs. - IMDb

Bela i Buldozi Serbia
Bella and the Bullfrogs (English title) USA
Bella e i Bulldogs Italy
Bella e os Bulldogs Portugal
Bella e os Bulldogs Brazil
Bella és a Bulldogok Hungary
Bella et les Bulldogs (French title) Belgium
Bella et les Bulldogs France
Bella i Buldogi Poland
Bella i Buldozi Croatia
Bella y los Bulldogs Spain
Белла и Бульдоги Russia

Children's Cast:

Preston Strother [16] Football Player #2 / Football Player 2 (TV Episode: Traitor Dater) (2015)
Rio Mangini [13] Ace McFumbles (TV Episode: 2.20) (2015)
Buddy Handleson Newt Van Der Rohe (TV Episode: 2.20) (2015)
Ian Tucker (TV Episode: Bulldog Buddies) (2015)
Sophie Sabatini Alicia (TV Episode: 2.20) (2016)
Coy Stewart [17] Troy Dixon (TV Episode: 2.20) (2015)
Jackie Radinsky [17] Sawyer Huggins (TV Episode: Bella in the Spotlight) (2015)
Cole Sand Lorin (TV Episode: Bulldog Buddies) (2015)
Haley Tju [14] Pepper Silverstein
Lilimar [15] Sophie Delarosa
Brec Bassinger [16] Bella Dawson
Jovan Armand [15] Ricky Delarosa
Lonnie Chavis Young Troy (TV Episode: Dudes & Chicks) (2015)
Matt Cornett [17] Zach Barnes
Katya Williams Silverado Flashbacker / Coach (TV Episode: Root for Newt) (2015)