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Evil Kin (TV series)

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2013 August, 28
Production Company:

It's amazing the things that you can inherit from your family gene pool: blue eyes, a beautiful smile, a winning personality. But what about your family's less desirable traits? A grandfather's talent for swindling, an aunt's knack for aggravated assault or even a father's flair for murder.... can you actually inherit evil from your family tree? Evil Kin begs this question as well as whether psychopathic behavior is pre-programmed. From siblings who conspire to kill their parents, to three brothers who grow up independently to become a serial killer, a rapist and a mercenary, Evil Kin follows true-crime mysteries surrounding bone-chilling cases that prove blood is always thicker than water. - IMDb

Il gene del male Italy

Children's Cast:

Jack Champion Young John Reese (TV Episode: Reese Family) (2015)
Oakley Bull Renee's Daughter (TV Episode: The Boneyard) (2015)
Jake Taber Jeffrey Landrigan (Child) (TV Episode: Deadly DNA) (2015)
Michael Neyland [2] Young David (TV Episode: Don't Turn on Me) (2016)
Caleigh Anne Laura Matusiewicz (TV Episode: A Mother's Fight) (2016)

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