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Fresh Off the Boat (TV series)

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2015 February, 4
22 minutes

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Based on the life of Eddie Huang during the mid-to-late 1990s, an Asian-American family decides to move to Orlando, Florida from Washington D.C. in order to embrace the "American Dream" by creating a steak restaurant. However, the family begins overcome many obstacles as they try to assimilate with the new culture that surrounds them. - IMDb

В центре сюжета находится азиатско-американское семейство, живущее в 1990-х годах, которое переезжает из Вашингтона в Орландо, штат Флорида, чтобы открыть мясной ресторан. Этот переезд становится для них культурным шоком. Ведь в Орландо нет Чайна-тауна…

Recién llegados Spain
Трудности ассимиляции Russia

Children's Cast:

Aedin Mincks [15] Bully (TV Episode: Boy II Man) (2015)
Brooke Fontana Robin Scout #2 (TV Episode: Neighbors with Attitude) (2017)
Tyler Mazzei [11] School Boy (TV Episode: Fajita Man) (2015)
Ava Acres Fake Kate (TV Episode: Family Business Trip) (2015)
Emily Hahn [17] Sally Nelson (TV Episode: It's a Plastic Pumpkin, Louis Huang) (2017)
Anson Bagley Lighthouse Boy (TV Episode: Showdown at the Golden Saddle) (2015)
Davis Desmond Kid (TV Episode: Pilot) (2015)
Landon Gimenez [17] Arthur (TV Episode: A Seat at the Table) (2020)
Emily Kelavos Unicorn Girl (TV Episode: Dribbling Tiger, Bounce Pass Dragon) (2015)
Albert Tsai Phillip Goldstein (TV Episode: Phil's Phaves) (2015)
Trevor Larcom Trent (TV Episode: Phil's Phaves) (2015)
Sophie Sabatini Tess (TV Episode: Showdown at the Golden Saddle) (2015)
Masha Malinina [12] School Girl (TV Episode: Persistent Romeo) (2015)
Dash Williams Brian (TV Episode: Bring the Pain) (2015)
Cyrus Arnold [16] Ben (TV Episode: Rancho Contento) (2019)
Luke Judy [9] Zack (TV Episode: Breaking Chains) (2016)
Kale Culley Student #1 (TV Episode: We Need to Talk About Evan) (2018)
Jamie M Timmons Student (TV Episode: Phil's Phaves) (2016)
Tony Espinosa Boy (TV Episode: The Masters) (2017)
Alison Fernandez Sharlene (TV Episode: Week in Review) (2016)
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