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Agent Carter (TV series)

Agent Carter (United Kingdom)
Marvel's Agent Carter (USA: complete title)

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2015 January, 6
42 minutes
Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

The war is over and almost everyone has experienced a loss. Agent Peggy Carter has lost the love of her life. To top it off, when billionaire Howard Stark is accused of Treason, he secretly employs her to clear his name. With the help of Stark's butler, she embarks on a whimsical journey full of deceit, murder and controversy with a side of wise-cracking roommates. - IMDb

Agent Carter United Kingdom
Agent Carter Hong Kong
Agent Carter Indonesia
Agent Carter Israel
Agent Carter India
Agent Carter India
Agent Carter Italy
Agent Carter South Korea
Agent Carter Mexico
Agent Carter Netherlands
Agent Carter United Arab Emirates
Agent Carter Philippines
Agent Carter Sweden
Agent Carter Singapore
Agent Carter USA
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Agent Carter Canada
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Agentka Carterová Slovakia
Ajan Carter Turkey
Carter ügynök Hungary
Marvel's Agent Carter West Germany
Marvel's Agent Carter Thailand
Marvel's Agent Carter (complete title) USA
Πράκτορας Κάρτερ Greece
Агент Картер Serbia
Агент Картер Russia
Агент Картер Ukraine
Агент Картър Bulgaria
エージェント・カーター (テレビドラマ) Japan
卡特探員 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Caitlin Carmichael [11] 10 Year Old Anya (TV Episode: The Iron Ceiling) (2015)
Ivy George Young Agnes Cully (TV Episode: Smoke & Mirrors) (2016)
Chiara Aurelia [13] 10 Year Old Eva (TV Episode: The Iron Ceiling) (2015)
Webb Hayes [14] Young Michael Carter (TV Episode: Smoke & Mirrors) (2016)
Lincoln Melcher [12] Emmett Dooley (TV Episode: SNAFU) (2015)