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OMG! (TV series)

Director: Derek Baynham, Jack Bishop, Mark Freiburger ... more
Year: 2014
Country: USA
Genre: Family

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Children's Cast:

Jenna Ortega Princess Sleigha (TV Episode: Derp Vader vs Princess Sleigha) (2014)
Dusan Brown [13] James (TV Episode: Kid Cat (Teen Wolf Parody)) (2014)
J.J. Totah Officer #2 (TV Episode: Derp Vader - Star Wars Parody) (2014)
Isaak Presley [13] Jacques (TV Episode: Just Jacques) (2015)
Adam Simpson Muff Tarking / Fully Feral Al / Rubber Ducky Commander (TV Episode: Jungle Boy: Foreign Exchange Student) (2014)
Gavin Lewis Brent (TV Episode: Noses Kissing & Gongs) (2015)
Joshua Carlon Kevin Shelton (TV Episode: It's Not Fair - Dodgeball Conspiracy) (2014)
Jillian Shea Spaeder Rachel / Jillian / Sisbot (TV Episode: Locked In, First Dates, & Funny Faces) (2015)
Juliocesar Chavez Officer #1 / Tod / Billy the Bully (TV Episode: Beard Be Now) (2014)
Avery Franklin Davis [11] Alejandro Gonzalez
Issac Ryan Brown Ryan (TV Episode: No Rules, Sugar & a Sing Off) (2016)
Ivan Mallon Jimmy / Weird Kid (TV Episode: It's Not Fair: School Lunch Conspiracy) (2014)
Darius Marcell Bro Brad / Bully / Nick the Nervous Dancer / ...
Savannah Liles Jane (TV Episode: Just Jacques) (2015)

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