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L'amore e la guerra (TV)

Also known as: Szerelem és háború (Hungary: alternative title)
Director: Giacomo Campiotti
Release: 13 May 2007
Country: Italy
Runtime: 200 minutes
Genre: Drama / War

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On the background of the First World War, in the cold of the trenches, in the middle of the mud of the battlefields and under the blows of the enemy fire are crossed the destinies of Rocco, humble miner who became a sergeant, and of the young nurse Albertina, daughter of a general.A true and tearing passion, threatened from the captain Avogadro, who tries to hinder their love in every way because he wants to marry Albertina and put his hands on her wealth.A story at the same time hard and delicate, in which together with the suffering and the horrors of the war, emerges with force the heroic breath that moves the deeds of a group of Italians who fight with pride in order to defend their own country, against the opportunism, the indifference and the injustice. A handful of heroes who through the courage, the solidarity and the sacrifice live their own redeem and give a sense to their tragic destiny of men.Inspired to the book The war on mountains by Rudyard Kipling, a miniseries that conciliates an energetic civil cut to the exaltation of the feelings and the values of man. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Rosabell Laurenti Sellers [11] Anita

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