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Moesha (TV series)

Moesha (United Kingdom)

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1996 January, 23
30 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Family

"Moesha" is a sitcom (which, in later years, took more of a dramatic turn) that follows the life and times of a black teenager living in the Leimert Park section of Los Angeles, CA. For years since her mother died, Moesha Mitchell has taken care of her father Frank and younger brother Myles. So when a teacher at her school, Dee, marries Frank, Moesha feels her territory being encroached upon by a new step mother. As time went on, the two females of the house would learn to appreciate and cherish each other's presence. Moesha's boy-crazy best friends Kim and Niecy as well as her eternally hungry neighbor and pal Hakeem are there to support Mo throughout all of the drama she finds herself in--and there's always plenty. Andell, a local smoothie shop owner, is another close confidante of Moesha's, lending her wisdom to the teen when needed. Over the years, it was Frank who Moesha would clash with most. He has quite a hard time witnessing his "pumpkin" grow up, and often hates her boyfriends, most notably Q. After graduating from high school, Moesha attends classes at "Cal U" with Hakeem and Niecy, and back at home, the entire family struggles with a startling revelation about Moesha's cousin, Dorian. - IMDb

Moesha United Kingdom
Moesha Canada
Moesha West Germany
Moesha Canada
Moesha France
Moesha USA
Moesha Netherlands
Moesha South Africa
Moesha Spain
Zwariowana rodzinka Poland
モエシャ Japan

Children's Cast:

Kyla Pratt [13] Sabrina Wilson / Patricia (TV Episode: The Crush) (1999)
Shad Moss [14] Ray-Ray (TV Episode: That's My Mama) (2001)
Glenndon Chatman [13] Justin (TV Episode: The Crush) (1999)
Curtis Williams [13] Tony (TV Episode: The Robbing Hood) (2000)
Orlando Brown [9] James / Chuckie (TV Episode: Hakeem's New Flame) (1996)
Andrew Keegan [17] Matt Tarses (TV Episode: Reunion) (1996)
Bo Sharon Chris (TV Episode: Pajama Jam) (1997)
Kiami Davael [13] Anna (TV Episode: The Crush) (1999)
Ashley Monique Clark [9] Young Moesha (TV Episode: My Mom's Not an Ottoman) (1997)
RuDee Sade [11] Lauren (TV Episode: Double Date) (1997)
Kristy Wu [17] Lisa (TV Episode: Just Above My Head) (1999)
Reagan Gomez-Preston [16] Geneva (TV Episode: Hakeem's New Flame) (1996)
Cirroc Lofton [17] Freddy