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Dr. Klein (TV series)

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2014 October, 10
45 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Family
Production Company:

"Dr. Klein" is a medical and family TV series, which moves between great emotion and humor. Valerie Klein is 1,32 meter tall and the only doctor in the children's hospital, who meets the small patients at eye level. There are many conflicts to solve both at work and at home with her family. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Leonie Brill [17] Nadine Schmidt (TV Episode: Perfekte Welt) (2014)
Arved Friese [17] Tim Kerner (TV Episode: Fragen) (2019)
Lukas T. Berglund [17] Veit Becker (TV Episode: Konsequenzen) (2017)
Valeria Eisenbart [17] Xenia Diercksen (TV Episode: Schein und Sein) (2015)
Greta Bohacek [16] Sissi Herder (TV Episode: Mut) (2016)
Aaron Kissiov Jannis Kreuter (TV Episode: Falsches Spiel) (2017)
Jeremias Meyer [15] Ole Petersen (TV Episode: Eifersucht) (2014)
Nozomi Linus Kaisar Jimmy Krüger (TV Episode: Dicke Luft) (2014)
Lina Hüesker Jessica Zeller (TV Episode: Albträume) (2015)
Oskar Bökelmann [17] Jan Wiese (TV Episode: Nach Hause) (2014)
Leopold Ferdinand Schill Oskar Weiler (TV Episode: Auf den zweiten Blick) (2016)
Ava Montgomery Lea Gärtner (TV Episode: Liebe) (2015)
Carl Baur Max Klein
Simon Johnson Sammy Kahindi (TV Episode: Pläne) (2017)
Leander Kissiov Bennie Kreuter (TV Episode: Falsches Spiel) (2017)
Levin Henning [16] Melvin Schlüter (TV Episode: Fehler) (2015)
Emilia Pieske [12] Julia Schindler (TV Episode: Chaos) (2017)
Nico Marischka Sascha Ulbricht (TV Episode: Antworten) (2017)
Alexis Salsali Janosch Breuer (TV Episode: Unter Druck) (2017)
Harriet Herbig-Matten Pauline Holler (TV Episode: Im freien Fall) (2017)
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